Spatial Access

One of leading brands in diamond jewelry

“We have been working with Spatial Access for the past few years on our pre and post campaign evaluations for TV. They have really added value in our understanding of TV buying, campaign roll out and pricing benchmarks. Though taken on board for pre and post campaign work, they have given us inputs on monitoring certain parameters during a campaign to ensure that the campaign has a better delivery whilst in progress.

Their visualization of data and the analysis provided post campaigns is really user friendly, easy to understand and actionable. Working with them in conjunction with our media agency has helped us derive a lot of value on the quality, robustness and delivery of our campaigns”.

One of leading public sector banks in India

“Spatial Access team has enabled us to bring unique insights on the table regarding the affinity of viewers on television program. The buying feedback given by Spatial Access helped us to get an insight on the benchmark rates of GEC channels”.

A leading mattress brand in India

"Spatial Access has helped us in enhancing our media effectiveness and have redefined our buying efficiencies. Their Analysis and Observations have contributed in the execution of effective campaign construct, media mix and in achieving our campaign objectives.“

A leading inverter brand in India

“Working with Spatial Access has been a very fruitful experience for us. They bring with them a lot of enthusiasm and passion for media learnings and we feel like they share our brand concerns and want to help us address these effectively. Look forward to many more insightful sessions together”.

A leading pencils brand in India

“Spatial Access has been instrumental in adding value to all our Media plans. The team has helped in thoroughly evaluating the Media Planning and Buying matrices Pre and Post campaign. We are hence very happy to continue our association with them.”

One of largest multinational food and beverage company

“It’s time to start planning for annual media review with Spatial Access. This is an important yearly intervention towards our media planning & buying effectiveness and ensures our media performance across TV & digital is compliant. Moreover, over the years, this review has helped improve planning & buying performance. Adding Digital buying to it has also helped us build effectiveness in our digital benchmarking. Looking forward to another year of a great collaboration. The team brings in a lot of energy, best practices and objectivity which we find tremendously relevant. I’m also looking forward to new insights being unlocked in the IPR and Production reviews!”

A leading paints brand in India

"Working with Spatial Access has helped us improve our media planning and increase our buying efficiency. Good analysis and input on the best channel mix and different medium to be used for our category has been provided by the team from Spatial Access. One more area where we have gained from Spatial Access is media implementation review that has made us operationally efficient. What I like about Spatial Access is the true demonstration of strategic partnership and always ready attitude to work with client for working out best solutions.“

A leading automobile company in India

“We find the team professional, knowledgeable, with a positive approach. The emphasis has always been on solutions and analyses provided has helped us in improving planning & buying decisions”

A leading global automobile company

“Good knowledge base and consultative skills that gave clear direction on media planning.”

One of largest private sector banks in India

“Our media review and evaluation project with Spatial Access culminated with significant cost savings. The review has led to stronger internal processes and has equipped us with the knowledge to extract greater value from our media agencies.”

One of leading global automobile company

“It’s indeed a pleasure to work with Spatial Access, your recommendations have helped us in betterment of our plans and buys and course correction.”

A leading global dairy products manufacturer

“We have worked with Spatial Access on a media review for our growing up milks. We found the review to be highly insightful and of great use in our forward planning on both brands. Such deconstruction of past plans has armed the team with a lot more clarity that allows us to be more media wise. Thanks to Spatial Access team for their rigorous analysis”.

A leading pharma and life science company

“Thank you Spatial Access team! We truly appreciate your efforts and drive to deliver efficiencies for our campaign”

A leading electronics brand in India

“We have worked with Spatial Access on various projects including planning reviews, buying reviews and structuring the incentive grid and SOW for our agencies. On each of these projects we have seen them add tremendous value and help us ensure that what we are implementing is in line with industry best practices.”

A leading global health food brand

“We've all heard and lived the famous saying about knowing that only half my advertising is working but not knowing which half. Well, my first reaction to Spatial Access' credentials presentation was that perhaps they could help take us closer to the answer to that oft quoted phrase. We were one of Spatial's early clients and ever since we signed up, I and the brand team felt closer than ever to our media plans and used the tools and analysis provided by Spatial Access team to push our spends harder. Have they answered the question? They did take us a few steps closer.”

A leading life insurance brand in India

“As an organization we got introduced to Spatial Access when we were just building up and looking to grow at a rapid pace. We had started spending substantial monies for building our brand. Spatial Access team's evangelism and passion helped overcome our initial doubts about the efficacy of such a partnership. I can say that we did not regret the association and we were able to stretch our investments to derive the maximum bang for our bucks. The partnership also was based on a reciprocity of trust and transparency which fueled work. We benefited from this association.”

A leading pencils brand in India

“Spatial Access helps add sense to the madness of Indian media. With their rate benchmarking, we can cut through the media selling drama and really know whether the deal is worthwhile or not. This is especially important for us since we operate on wafer thin margins. Their post evaluation tools help make our plans more effective with every activity. They complement our media agency well. What’s more, their team is quick, smart and jargon free!”

A leading glass and gyproc ceiling manufacturer in India

“Within 8 months of our working together, our media efficiency has improved by 26%, buying benchmarks have been very effective and we find your team always alert, enthusiastic & quick to respond.”

A leading ayurvedic and cosmetics brand in India

“In the situation today, we are faced with changing consumer purchase patterns, the all new evolving consumer added to this is the media and sale proliferation in an unprecedented fashion, has arguably beefed up the challenges ahead in deciding the media mix and spends for our brands. In this context Spatial Access, serves a need, for us, to validate our media spends & mix. With a team of professionals, backed by years of experience & media expertise we have benefited with their inputs over the years. We wish Spatial Access all the best for their future endeavors.”

A leading edible oil manufacturer in India

“Spatial Access worked with us on couple of assignments viz., one Planning & Buying Assignment and another production job. I have to acknowledge that they have brought in a different perspective with regard to Media Planning to bring in more science as a combination of Process, Analysis and Insights. They have also been able to validate and reassure us on our Buying efficiency based on their years of experience and volumes of data to benchmark. We wish them all the success in future.”

One of largest breweries in India

“The team at Spatial Access provides strong ideas and articulates them with great clarity, to be taken forward to tangible actions. There is significant value they bring to the table in order to make the planning and execution process far more effective”

A leading bank in India

“When we first evaluated the Production Benchmarking project from Spatial Access, we were admittedly apprehensive about the actual benefit – physical and monetary, that could be derived. But decided to go ahead on their reassurance that the cost of the exercise could be fully recovered in savings alone! Having completed the exercise now, we can vouch for the very professionally manner in which the project was handled. From identifying our needs/specs right up to a detailed review presentation with suggestions and even vendor recommendations that could help us keep quality levels unchanged while saving money! This is especially commendable given that the costs of all inputs (paper in particular) shot up by approximately 30% during the review period! An annual or at least bi-annual review by them would be my prescription!”

A leading incense manufacturer in India

“Given the fact that our media spends are quite huge , it became imperative to know whether we were spending efficiently . The Dashboard & analysis which Spatial Access provided was very granular , therefore enabling us to compare & understand our spends for each & every campaign , by channel as well as by geography , by Brand , along with relevant benchmarks . The scope for improvement were clearly highlighted with a tolerance limit of 5 to 10 % ”.


A leading DTH provider in India

“As our first project with Spatial Access, they were very efficient and forthcoming in the entire process. Even in stringent deadlines, they managed to deliver quality output. My thanks to Spatial Access team for addressing all concerns immediately, on and off duty hours.”

A leading ayurvedic product manufacturer in India

“The Spatial Access team not only provides an independent third party view on all film related projects but also is willing to go above and beyond the brief to help the brand. Spatial Access team's personal involvement in all projects ensures that best quality is delivered well within timelines. Infact the team has frequently gone out of their way to help us crunch timelines beyond the standard SOP without any compromise on quality. Truly a pleasure to work with. I thank the entire team for flawless execution of all projects. Hope to work with you on many more projects going forward.”

A leading automobile company in India

"As my first project with spatial access, the team was very forthcoming with her support for maintaining the urgent deadlines of the project. Concerns raised were quick and solutions were equally swift in their discovery. My thanks to Spatial Access team for addressing immediate concerns on and off duty hours.”

A leading ayurvedic products manufacturer in India

Thank you for your prompt and effective efforts to close costing on time. I must say that the team acted in a manner that was highly commendable and with ownership. We were very happy with the final results and time in which you and your team achieved the same.

A leading ayurvedic products manufacturer in India

“We were working on tough timelines and over a weekend for a film shoot and the Spatial Access team was extremely proactive in getting us a quick turnaround on the project over the weekend, in fact, delivering the output before the agreed timelines”

A leading tyre manufacturer in India

“I would like to confirm that the work done by SA on negotiating the cost with the production house was very effective. We got a very good cost benefit on the overall value. Your prior experience in managing a production house has helped to understand each sub-element in the cost, because of which the costs could be brought down effectively. Thank you for the support provided.”

A leading private sector bank in India

“Spatial Access was never a consultant but always our partner in achieving defined marketing and business objectives. They readily agreed to take on an urgent project and delivered it within 8 hours, which showed their commitments and great efficiencies. Considering the complexity of the project, in terms of deliverables and the fact that it involved celebrity shoot dates, with a lot of constraints, the quick turn around by the team eased off our stress completely, and ensured that the celebrity shoot dates were not compromised with an considerable amount of savings generated.’ Looking forward to strengthen our relationship. It was great working with you on this one!”.

A leading paints manufacturer in India

“The film review by your team not only provided us cost optimization but various aspects of usage rights which were missing earlier . With the money saved, we were able to raise up the level of production . We appreciate the efforts of Team Spatial Access on the film-review”.

A leading garments manufacturer

“Spatial Access has provided us with an objective means and methodology to benchmark our media and print/ film production spends, to ensure we are spending wisely and efficiently. They have helped us realize that extra value - ultimately making us more productive, and more empowered marketers and business managers."

A global tomato ketchup manufacturer

“I was very happy with the training on production and Film making as we don't get exposed to the technical side. Also we got last minute help when the producer recommended by the agency did not work out. They helped us with much better director at lower cost and the film turned out excellent.”

A global FMCG company

“Overall, happy with the turnaround time as the team were able to respond within a short time frame”.

A diversified conglomerate in garments and fashion industry

“The review has helped validate our media planning and provided insights on how to minimize film production costs.”

A global pharmaceutical company

“Return on marketing investments is critical to ensuring effective utilization of scarce resources. We have benefited from using the services of Spatial access in critical areas of media review and benchmarking TVC production costs. These initiatives have not only helped in significant savings but the output have also contributed in giving specific directions and minute points which have had significant impact in optimizing our plans going forward. Over time these practices have become regular and on-going interventions keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the market and media.”

A leading FMCG company

“Spatial Access team, provided stellar value in negotiating ad film costs for us recently. This was critical since film production costs can be a black box for clients, and significant savings can be made without compromising on the quality of the final TVC. I would recommend Spatial Access to any client for negotiating ad film costs without hesitation”.

A leading cosmetics brand

“The deep knowledge and understanding in the film production space that is brought on board by Spatial Access has helped us tremendously in controlling cost while maintaining high quality standards of our films”.

A leading telecom company in India

“I really appreciate the efforts which is being put by Spatial access team in optimizing the TV Production deals for quite some time now. The value add in terms of defining right cost & quantity for each & every talent and non-talent cost items is something which comes with the experience & IPR with famed PH’s across industry. I must say, this team have that in abundance and have the ability of putting every single rhyme & reason for any cost deviation. I would recommend SA to be a consulting partner for any advertiser who would like to incur their spends basis some logic & standards”.

A leading telecom company in India

“The knowledge and capability of Spatial Access team for Production Cost evaluation and negotiation is outstanding. Besides delivering significant cost savings they also add a perspective and provide alternatives for review without compromising on high production standards. They are excellent partners for any company which needs to get the most from its marketing budget.”

A global FMCG company

“Spatial Access helps bring in expertise in the domain of production that we as brand managers don't have. The team is able to view the project de-constructed into every technical requirement and hence an objective call can be taken on the overall project evaluation. The team is highly responsive and sets aside time to understand the production brief and then take an educated call on the PH. At the same time, Spatial Access team help us not just with decisions dependent on put numbers but also a holistic view of each PH and SOW to arrive at the best option”.

A global electronics brand

“While we will have a pressure situation always, given a lot is at stake from a business standpoint, your support is inevitable to bring method to the TVC production briefs. Happy to see the expertise and diligence that you personally bring , in delivering the best value ( in a film production domian that is tough to crack). Look forward to your support in successive briefs as well”

A leading lifestyle innerwear and sportswear brand

I like to thank Spatial Access team for providing the film review service, which helped us considerably in arriving at the optimum cost for the production of the TVC. The team was responsive and helped us get us the TVC at the right cost without compromising on the quality of output.

A leading lifestyle innerwear and sportswear brand

“Our engagement with Spatial Access on an event helped us minimize wastage & relook at our outlays. The review helped us break down costs & understand hidden inefficiencies. We are glad to partner with Spatial Access on optimizing our investments across Events, PR, Film Production & of course Media”

A leading FMCG company

It was great working with Spatial Access Team. The pitch for empanelment of full service (Creative & Media) agency of the Bank was carried out well and the process could be completed smoothly due to timely inputs provided by the team.

We had a good experience working with Spatial Access. The coordination from your side has been superb. All aspects of the process were properly taken care.

Our top management has complimented the team effort. We hope we will many more opportunities to work together.

A leading FMCG company

Spatial access added a lot of value to the pitch process by refining the pitch brief, guiding us in the genre of the agencies that suit our requirement. The teams experiencing was of great help in the entire negotiation process. We appreciate their agile approach and strong commitment to accommodate our business needs.

A leading fashion brand in India

“We are happy to have developed a great partnership with Spatial Access to work on our project of selecting pan INDIA event & activation agencies. Their dedication to our project is evident in all aspects of their deliveries. We appreciate their attention to detail & collective approach in helping us bring a new system which would ease our day to day marketing operations “ .

A leading healthcare provider

“I will reiterate, that it was indeed a pleasure to use the services of Spatial Access. For the knowledge that you brought on the table, from the beginning and right through it was a great value add for us. And I must complement you on the promptness of your response to our queries.”

A global multinational Food & Beverage company

“We engaged with Spatial Access for a retail design solutions project and are extremely happy with the services offered by them! The entire project from scoping to agency shortlist, pitch and final closure was handled well. In case of any future work in related areas, Spatial Access, will be our first preference!”

A leading e commerce platform in India

“It has been a pleasure working with you on the creative agency pitch project. It has been a good exercise and given that we were looking at a very different need from creative agencies it was very useful having you help steer the process. Appreciate the personal interest the team has taken in this project. You had the right sense of objectivity and ownership - and went beyond the scope of deliverables to help out with various aspects.”

A leading oil and gas company

“At the out set, our sincere thanks for the very committed & dedicated efforts put in by you & your team in the course of Pitch Management Services you provided to us for our Main line Creative & BTL agency empanelment pitch process. We wish to place on record the positive contribution your involvement made to the whole process, right from articulating our communication needs, brief development, identifying pitch evaluation criteria and final assessment of pitch presentations. We are happy to note that Spatial Access' inputs have enabled us to conclude our agency selection process much to our satisfaction and dovetailing with the very business needs it was meant for.”

A global multinational Food & Beverage company

“We have worked with the Spatial Access team on brand media reviews as well as used them as consultants to an advertising pitch. On both occasions we found them to be a professional team with good skills and analytical thinking – I would recommend them to advertisers looking to stretch their media dollar”

A global multinational Food & Beverage company

“I found Spatial Access to be a partner which adds tremendous value throughout the pitch process, and brings an extremely objective point of view. They demonstrated the true meaning of partnership, by understanding our expectations, and helping us arrive at a workable solution in an extremely resource constrained environment. The combination of immense experience of senior partners added with their constant endeavor to find new ways to add value to us made our working relationship with Spatial Access truly delightful.”

A leading life insurance company

“Commercial Printing Vendor Empanelment: Did a creditable job of pooling the vendor credentials for pre-meetings. Got the rates for a laundry list which would not have happened but for you. Rate card designing almost hit the nail. We just had to do minimal window dressing for our requirements.

Signage Vendor Empanelment: Brought together 3M vendors to quote for the rate card. Established a platform for 3M and Avery to come to table.”

A leading brewery in India

“Right from the start of the activation audit, Spatial Access impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We have been able to consistently minimize & control our overall credit losses.

Because of their expertise they have been able to provide us with best in class. Team is helpful, knowledgeable, friendly collection staff, my experience with SA confirms to us that we’ve partnered with true leaders in the global industry"

A leading garments company

“Spatial Access has clearly made a difference in helping understand and driving excellence in areas of marketing operations.”

A leading garments company

“At our company we have been able to drive standardization of all signage specifications and processes as a result of the Spatial Access project. We were also able to produce the signage specs manual that has now been cascaded to all marketing teams across the country and now serves as a valuable guide, induction kit, and ready reckoner on the subject matter. We look forward to working with them again.”

A leading brewery company

“The Spatial Access tool is a revolution and revelation in the PR space. It was able to crawl through hundreds of media clippings and summarize word associations for our brand as well as the space owned by competition. I was impressed with the scientific way in which the tool is able to suggest closest word associations for a brand which will surely help companies in strategizing their brand as well as PR communications more effectively.”

A leading brewery company

“All marketing functions have a definitive ROI; PR is no exception. While the spirits industry operates in a rather challenging and aggressive media environment, it is important to benchmark our performance against our own successes.

Spatial Access has helped us do precisely this with their objective and fair analysis of our media outcomes”