Spatial Access

What We Do

The Ad-Film Production Audit service is delivered in 3 formats, depending on the project requirement:

  • The Negotiator Our in-house ad-film production team of experts initiate negotiations on behalf of the client with production houses, handle technical nuances and negotiate costs directly without compromising on quality or creative impact.
  • The Cost Sheet View This service entails a detailed and transparent breakdown of all costs related to ad-film production, including pre-production, post-production, transmission material and talent costs, based on the shortlisted production houses and their cost structure approach, so as to allow clients to make informed business decisions.
  • Partner Advisory
    • Aimed at helping clients find the perfect team to suit their creative requirements and budget, this service entails unbiased and neutral recommendations of ad-film directors and production houses.
    • Organisation of events and platforms that encourage brands to directly connect with filmmakers and new talent.