Spatial Access

Events & Engagement Advisory:

The live event industry is growing and is at ~INR 83 Billion (2019). As new international formats and IPs keep exploring in India, the events segment is poised to grow further. The opportunity to interact with the audience live and create visibility for the brand is a unique proposition offered by Events. In addition, the success of an event provides a reassurance to the advertiser that they have connected with the desired audience at large.

We assist the client at various stages in the value chain from defining the processes to arrive at the optimum compensation and components of the fee structure for the events agency to the live, on-ground monitoring of the event deliverable and quality aspects.

Pre Event Cost Review:

Cost of executing an event can be very high and we can assist the clients with an independent approach to review the detailed cost elements. Our propriety database of cost elements based on the scale of event help to identify optimisation opportunities for key cost items.

Compensation advisory:

Different nature of events have a bearing on the professional fees and structure of the compensation. We can help you to define the compensation structure in line with industry standards and define performance-monitoring mechanism that aligns to the common objectives of the agency and brand.

On-ground engagement and mystery reviews:

We understand the event objective and help you develop comprehensive framework for quantitative as well as qualitative parameters to monitor and attribute performance of the vendor and activation.

● We can assist in developing customized tools for capturing and monitoring vendor deliverables and build an intermediate portal for swift approval/rejection process to provide real time dashboards for efficient cost control, vendor evaluation & management information.
● We can assist with real time monitoring and reporting of live events and activations to review adherence to the process and ensure immediate rectification in minimal TAT.