Spatial Access

  1. Strategy Evaluation:  Our domain experts analyse the digital marketing strategy for its effectiveness to propose recommendations based on the brief provided by the client. This assists clients answer the following key questions prior to implementation:
    • Does the strategy effectively align with brand objectives?
    • Is the strategy holistic to cover all areas of Digital?
    • Have key platforms been considered in the media plan?
    • Do the planning buy types match the campaign objectives?
    • Is the proposed plan in line with the planning guidelines?
  2. SEM/ SEO Advisory:  SEM is the backbone of the digital presence for most advertisers. SEO optimisation attracts organic traffic to the website. Hence, there is a need to monitor it on continuous basis. Our SEM/ SEO advisory services focus on answering the following key questions:
    • Are proper guidelines defined for these services?
    • Is the setup done as per the guidelines?
    • Are the brand objectives, campaign objectives and KPIs aligned?
    • SEO – are the technical aspects documented and implemented properly?
    • SEM – are the keywords, ad groups, source, device, copies, etc. setup as agreed?
  3. Media Optimization:  Media campaign monitoring, optimization and in-campaign analysis service aims to increase the effectiveness of the campaign to help achieve the KPIs set for the campaign by focusing on the following areas:
    • Are standard reporting formats and monitoring mechanism defined?
    • Is the campaign running as per the schedule?
    • Is the campaign meeting the desired targets?
    • Is there a need to relook at benchmarks / plans / allocation?
  4. Campaign Setup:  We assist clients to review the campaign setup to align nomenclature as per standard practices and to verify that the proposed plan matches with the actual implementation.
  1. Digital Cost Review & Advisory:
Digital cost review services assist the client to highlight cost optimization opportunities. Benchmarks across various platforms and digital cost advisory will provide insights on the benchmarks against each costs before the implementation of proposed plan. Digital costs submitted by the media agency are analysed by our domain experts to address the following:
  • Do rates and value-ads compare with the market trends?
  • Is there an opportunity to optimize the deals?
  • Are there any benefits or value adds the client is entitled to as a result of un-deliveries?
  • Is there a scope to improve the current buying approach in lieu of the ad fraud concerns?
  1. KPI Variance Analysis:

    We assist the advertisers to review and monitor the KPI variances from the defined targets. KPI variance analysis will address following key questions:

    • Is the Ad pricing and value-ads compare with the market trends?
    • Are benchmarks available on performance, cost, deliverables, etc.?
    • Are the targets for campaigns in line with the brief?
    • Agreed deviation for various KPIs?
    • Analysing the planned vs delivered – cost, inventory, reach, and other aspects of the campaign and its KPIs
  2. Campaign Reporting & Monitoring:

    We can assist you with weekly/ monthly reporting on media as per the implemented plan to track changes and identify scope for optimization.