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Pitch Management

Our pitch management services help clients short-list prospective partners based on the following parameters:

  • The client’s marketing objectives and plan for the financial year
  • The nature of services provided by the current service provider and their capacity to form a strategic partnership with the client both short and long term
  • The role of different service providers in the client’s marketing function, including research, PR and creative & BTL (Below The Line)

What We Do

Assessing the current scenario and planning for the future are the two critical objectives of a pitch evaluation process. At Spatial Access, we:

  • Fine tune and benchmark prospective service providers
  • Establish deliverables and expectations
  • Chalk out common terms &conditions
  • Ensure timetable compliance
  • Design evaluation systems based on brief compliance
  • Attend final pitch presentations to identify the best suited service partner

Compensation Consulting

Spatial Access is a domain expert in objective design and implementation of compensation models, geared towards creating proper incentives for agency performance, matching expectations to ability and building robust appraisal systems that ensure delivery.

What We Do

Our Compensation Consulting services include:

  • Advising clients on current trends in areas of compensation as well as current pay structures, commissions and performance appraisal parameters based on volume of spend, agency dynamics and nature of association
  • Reviewing contract terms and fee-rationalisation