Spatial Access

Ad Film Production Advisory and Analytics is a specialized division of Spatial Access that advises clients on cost benchmarks for their creative projects that include ad-films for TV, digital media, still shoots, feature films and radio spots. We also help clients in on boarding of talent and production houses as per the brief. This team comprises of experts from the creative, film production and data science background that help clients derive the best value for their budgets.

Our Ad Film Production Advisory Services include:

1. Cost bench-marking and negotiations:

We can assist you by evaluating the script, storyboard and requirements of the ad film and providing cost analysis based on industry best practices to optimize the cost of production and to ensure a transparent breakdown of costs is shared by the production house with you.

2. On-boarding Advisory:

3.Training (workshops):

Workshops for brand managers to educate them on the cost nuance of ad-films.

4. Live Shoot Review:

Live shoot review for projects to ensure actual deliveries of commitments as per contract.

5. Analytics

Look at multi-region, multi-year data to give you cost trends bench-marked with the industry and recommend leading practices.