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Why Predictive Analytics?

Predictive Analytics is a tool essential to every marketer who is seeking the following benefits:

SA Predictive Analytics Solutions

Spatial Access’ Predictive Analytics Solutions cover the following spectrums:

IPL vs. Election Analysis and Rate Benchmarking

If you are one of those marketers who is facing a dilemma on whether to go high on IPL or on the General Elections, arguably the biggest media events during the summer of 2019, Spatial Access has the answer. Please refer to an article authored by us that appeared in Brand Equity recently that elaborates the issue.


Campaign Monitoring Report

Have you ever wondered how exactly is your campaign performing? What if some channels are not implementing the campaign as per the deal but not in the right spirit? What about double spotting? Our experience suggests that clients lose anywhere between 2-11% of their campaign budget owing to poor implementation.

Under this product, SA monitors your spots at three levels and reports them weekly on the day of the BARC release. The report that can come at a price as low as Rs. 25000 per campaign, covers the following:

1.Spot Implementation Analysis – Highlights channels that have sporadic day wise spot implementation. On some days there are too many spots while on other days there are too few. We highlight channels where the spots are most poorly correlated to the planned spots that should be played per day. In the absence of planned spots, SA has used average spots per day for the week as an indicator.

2.Fringe analysis – Highlights channels who are not implementing spots in the right spirit. Spots are implemented during those hours where the viewership is low – we call them fringes. In this report we will highlight channels where the spots are most poorly correlated to the break TVRs.

3.Double Spotting Analysis – Two spots of the same creative in the same break. This would lead to low reach and should be avoided. We also give you an estimated value of this loss.