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Happy 8th birthday, Spatial Access

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Spatial Access turned eight yesterday. From a team of four eight years back, it is now 30 members strong, and has more than 120 clients – most of them in India, but some in South Asia as well. Meenakshi Madhvani, Founder & Chairperson of Spatial Access, is ecstatic and philosophical at the same time, “It is not yet time to retire. I still have many more years to go, but it is now time to do things slightly differently. It is the eighth birthday of Spatial Access, and time for reinvention.”

The company is not only reinventing the services it offers but also the identity of the company. Says Ms Madhvani, “The new logo reflects who we are and what we stand for. Spatial Access is in business of audit, advisory and analytics. Our logo is fluid and mobile – growing as we grow .The small red part in the logo indicates seed – which is now growing. In spite of the growth our DNA of accountability remains intact.”

Ms Madhvani believes that optimum value from media and marketing spends can be obtained by ‘nurturing the concept of accountability and transparency by all key constituents.’
Talking of Spatial Access’s presence in overseas markets, Ms Madhvani states, “We are creating the first Indian translational in communication and audit space. We already have operations in Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. We are doing sophisticated and highly complicated work, and have knowledge and proprietary technology. We can benefit global advertisers in the similar fashion as we are benefitting Indian advertisers. For the multinationals we can provide a seamless product experience.” She adds, “Over the last three years, our Singapore Spatial Access has worked with the objective of finding out if there is any wastage in media and marketing spends– and if there is, can it be reduced and how?”

Operations at Spatial Access have been divided in three SBUs:

SA1 – Media and analytics business headed by Nikhil Rangnekar
SA 2 – Marketing Services headed by Geetanjali Bhattacharji
SA 3 – Media & International (the media audit @ Spatial Access) headed by Harsha Joshi