Spatial Access

Recently there has been a lot of debate over landing page viewership. We put this piece out for our clients to showcase the broader issue of what channels do to boost viewership, often temporary. But first what’s landing page?

The default channel that appears upon switching on of the Set Top Box is called the landing page. With most major DTH operators, this is a teleshopping channel or promotional channel for the operator. However, TV channels pay the cable/ DTH operators to be placed as a landing page to improve sampling and boost viewership. This happens in two ways:

Other gimmicks used by channels to boost viewership include:

Following is the example of a news channel that was placed on a landing page in a major operator in a state.

As seen above, there was a significant bump up in daily average reach of the channel post appearing on landing page from 80k to more than 1 million people. While using the landing page has increased the reach, one needs to keep in mind that viewers did not opt into the channel, they just “landed” on it and this viewership will decline the moment the channel moves out of the landing page.