Spatial Access

Spatial Access, a Deloitte business is a advertising and marketing advisory company that helps marketers and advertisers increase their ROI on marketing and advertising spends. We use proprietary processes to analyse a marketer’s spends in traditional as well as digital media, print production, BTL, Ad Films, agency partnerships etc. and give them specific recommendations on how to improve both efficiency and impact. SAPL also provides advisory solutions in film production, Ad-Shoots, PR, Events, On ground monitoring services and Analytics
A Company that was formed in October 2003, by a highly respected media and marketing professional with over 40 years of experience in Advertising, Media and Marketing. Ms. Meenakshi Menon.
With a talented team, based in Mumbai, SAPL. has worked with over 500 brands across categories including e-commerce, automobiles, electronics, telecom, banking and financial institutions, Paints, FMCG, foods among others within India and across global markets.
The use of standard industry data along with indigenously developed proprietary software puts SAPL. in a unique position .

What We Do, In a Nutshell


Spatial Access, a Deloitte business’ advertising and marketing advisory solutions are geared towards evaluating the effectiveness of planning, buying, implementation and process, to set optimised and actionable guidelines for the future. We can also suitably customise our offerings to suit your specific needs given our domain knowledge and expertise.
We can be your extended marketing and media function as our solutions, are focused on empowering our clients with the relevant knowledge, benchmarks and best practices across Media, Brand and Partners.


Our algorithm-based analytical models tools help companies take the guesswork out of decision-making and compete in complex and crowded markets.
We can also set up continuous control monitoring mechanisms to automate spend monitoring

The Spatial Access Advantage

Domain expertise

Our deep understanding of advertising across various mediums, brand, marketing and creative production, helps our domain experts to bring their knowledge, carry out data analysis to provide quantifiable and actionable insights for better business decisions.

Neutrality & Objectivity

We are an unbiased third party that can provide an independent, neutral and objective review of advertising and marketing investments. Our direct subscriptions to the databases that the media industry works, facilitate zero subjectivity on inputs.

Strategic Alliances

We have a robust network of strategic alliances with global leaders in media advisory and a supporting network of monitoring agencies, technologists & Feet-on-Street teams across projects.