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We trust our media service provider. Why do we need a Media Audit andAdvisory firm?

While trust is the foundation of any relationship, a Media Audit and Advisory firm works to deliver unbiased, independent and actionable evaluations of your media investments. An objective assessment by an unbiased expert delivers greater efficiency and effectiveness and assures stakeholders that campaign investments are fully optimized and anticipated returns are delivered.

The media agency ensures that they deliver according to our brief. Why do we need a third party to carry out an audit?

Expecting the media agency to identify shortcomings or gaps in their own plan is a bit like doing your exam paper and then scoring it yourself! An independent third party expert is neutral enough to conduct a thorough and unbiased evaluation minus any agenda. Along with the agency’s plan, a third party expert will also evaluate the clarity of the brief and address tough questions like ‘could a clearer brief have yielded better results’ or ‘will the client accept criticism from the media agency?’

Accounting firms are offering audit services. What more can a media audit firm offer?

Expecting financial firms to do a meaningful media audit is a bit like going to a general physician when you need open heart surgery. Media audit firms have a deep understanding of media, brand, marketing and production and possess a domain expertise which is critical to audit media performance in the current complex media scenario.

Audits are like autopsy. The deed is already done. Now what?

The campaign may be completed but a media audit allows you to evaluate and review that campaign and use the technique, process and output to plug the holes for future activity, to eliminate what is questionable and set optimised and actionable guidelines for the future.

An assessment is possible not just post the campaign but also before it begins. A concurrent advisory of your plan gives you actionable insights to be incorporated before you roll the campaign out.

My marketing team has signed off the media activity; surely they will do the right thing for the company.

Different marketing people have different levels of skill and interest in media. An objective evaluation of a media activity that can deliver value and tangible insights for better business decisions depends on a variety of parameters which go beyond simply the skills and interest of a marketing team.

How can I benefit from your inputs, what if the agency doesn’t agree to implement the changes?

The agency works with the same industry data and metrics as the auditor. The audit inputs are based on a quantitative objective analysis of the data to optimize performance and costs. Agency partners accept optimized performance if the analysis is reflected as a collaborative effort at improvement.

Digital is accountable, so why audit?

Many companies lack the knowledge and skills to make digital work. We see digital plans where success is measured on the basis of impressions and clicks rather than customer engagement. To achieve success in the social world of marketing, companies need to make deep rooted connections with their customers and be open to a transformation which embraces a whole new type of customer engagement.Our digital audit team has the requisite skills and expertise to make this happen.

Additionally, social media marketing today suffers from the “bandwagon” effect where companies feel pressured to spend what they observe or assume other companies are spending on social media. An audit provides an objective, unbiased view on the quantity and quality of your digital investment and whether the spends are truly worth the hype.

I have access to all the reports for my social platforms, then why should I go for Social media audit services?

Social-media sites like Facebook and Twitter have already transformed our lives, from how we interact with our friends to how we find news. The data is available to all but what SA does is interprets the data & compares it against the similar pool of advertisers to get you not just the benchmarks but actionable recommendations

My film production estimates come to me 48 hours before the film is meant to go on the floor. Where do I have the time to do a review of the costing?

Since you have to work within the confines of the current practice rather than try to overturn things, you need to be informed and equipped even before the film production estimate gets to your table. A film production audit will allow you to stay on top of things by giving you a detailed cost breakdown based on your storyboard and treatment note, which you can then use to conduct meaningful negotiations based on real costs rather than impressions, suppositions or historical data.

My creative agency is the brand custodian, how can I hand over custody to an outside consultant?

The cost consultant does not evaluate creativity. Variables that are meant to impact creativity (like director’s fee) are left out of scrutiny and are merely benchmarked. The possibility of creative compromise has not occurred in the 800+ films we have audited till date.

Production is a small component of my overall spends, does it really warrant examination?

While the thumb rule is that production is 10% of media budgets, it does not hold true in many cases. Sometimes production expenditures go as high as 20% of media spends. Even a 15 to 20% cost rationalization can help generate savings and release resources for deployment elsewhere.

I have a group of suppliers I trust. Why do I need to audit them?

While it is great to have a transparent relationship with your suppliers based on trust, sometimes, the market dynamics change, vendor costs creep up unannounced, suppliers aren’t aware that competition is more effective, and before you know it, you are paying a price that is significantly higher than what can be available. A production audit keeps you informed andkeeps your suppliers on their toes.

I follow a three party quote system for all my printing jobs. I pick the lowest rate quoted - how will a production audit help?

Many marketers work with a fixed bank of suppliers, who sometimes form cartels to keep out the outsider to ensure fair distribution of jobs among the limited group that has developed access to the marketer. Often, marketers are unaware of this hidden cartelization and the restricted options it presents. Our vendor resource listing exercise allows marketers to access a wide range of vendors across geographies and capabilities, informing them about their options available in the market and helpingthem to make the most lucrative business decisions.